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Break Tag Media rebuilds Edmonton Coin Club’s website, empowering members

Break Tag Media, Toronto’s premiere boutique digital media agency, proudly relaunched the website for the Edmonton Numismatic Society,, on August 2.

The new, responsive site replaces an outdated digital entry point that the non-profit club was finding difficult to maintain and no longer reflected the growth and passion of the club’s membership.

“It’s something we see all the time,” said Thomas Bink, Break Tag’s Vice-President responsible for digital strategy and content. “A site gets built in the early 2000s and gets passed down with increasingly cryptic instructions from owner to owner, with the only release valve being the option to pay an expensive developer to patch it or create another updating process. The owners feel kind of trapped.”

Therefore, the key to success in this project was to give the club a site not only easy to maintain, but make wholesale changes to with little effort. And that meant incorporating WordPress as the framework for the new site.

“It’s not the 2000s anymore,” Bink said. “You don’t need an expensive development team every time you want to make minor changes to your site anymore. WordPress makes it super easy for anyone to overhaul an entire website in just minutes. They just need to know how easy it is.”

The site was rebuilt from the ground up, including finding a host for the site and its domain, as well as transferring many years of newsletter back-issues.

The new site is simple, clean and displays beautifully on all platforms and browsers.

“We learned very early on that it was important not to overwhelm the club’s members with a site that was too revolutionary or advanced,” Bink said. “They are an older demographic to whom conventions like links and scrolling are very important. So we gave them something simple, but they can expand really easily when they’re ready.”

And best of all, the club’s executive has quickly embraced the WordPress platform and know how to make those changes themselves.

“They’re empowered again,” Bink said. “Now that they’ve made the switch, they wish they had done it sooner.”


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