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Break Tag expands Remington Parkview’s digital strategy with new website

Just prior to the COVID-19 breakout, Break Tag Media completed work on relaunching the Remington Parkview website, The relaunch is part of an extensive digital strategy for the Markham golf course.

“Parkview is a fantastic golf course that is closer to downtown Toronto than most of the big-name courses,” said Thomas Bink, Break Tag’s Vice President responsible for digital strategy and content. “But it was getting buried online by all the bigger brands. Our goal is to raise Parkview’s digital profile and build a loyal customer base.”

The site features a much cleaner, polished look with more space for promoting the course’s unique amenities and specials. It is the cornerstone of Parkview’s revamped digital strategy, which includes creating a distinct social media voice, optimizing content for search, pointed digital advertising and growing its customer base through features like a regular newsletter and special pricing for loyal customers.

“Most golf courses don’t use their digital presence to effectively grow their customer base,” Bink said. “They use it as static advertising for their course. The trick is using digital assets to learn more about casual visitors and turn them into customers who come back again and again. Most courses don’t want to put in that effort.”

The Remington Parkview digital strategy project is part of Break Tag Media’s ongoing partnership to provide strategy and online assets to Remington Group Inc., one of the largest real estate developers in the Greater Toronto Area. The relationship was formed in 2018 and in two years has transitioned a largely bricks-and-mortar firm into an aggressive online presence resulting in increased sales, improved customer relationships and expanded brand reach.


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